Turn your car into a movie camera with GoPro integration for BMW and Mini

Recording that molten hot lap around the Nurburgring just got a hell of a lot easier thanks to the BMW Group’s free-to-download app
Turn your car into a movie camera with GoPro integration for BMW and Mini

A trip around Germany’s infamous Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring is a rite of passage for any self-confessed petrolhead.

Yes, a crash could end up costing nearly £1500, but the opportunity to thrash an everyday runaround along the challenging stretch of completely unrestricted tarmac is just too good to miss.

But what’s the point of risking life and limb when you can’t brag to your friends about it? A new iPhone app from the BMW Group and GoPro is designed to make YouTube crowing a breeze – it lets BMW and Mini drivers control their GoPro cameras via the 8.8in high-resolution display that comes as an option on all new Mini vehicles and the ConnectedDrive software found on BMW’s iDrive centre console.

Using the free-to-download Mini Connected app, you can start shooting movies, take pictures and adjust the settings on your cameras from inside the car and without touching your smartphone.

iPhone users can download Mini Connected from the App Store; your iPhone links to the Mini Connected XL package or your BMW's iDrive console using ConnectedDrive software.

From here, any wannabe Stig can hit record and select special modes, which optimise image quality in various driving conditions, such as low-light night driving and fast cornering.

You can control your GoPro through your Mini's touchscreen

A preview image can also be displayed that shows the camera’s perspective but, in the interests of safety, it's only available when the car is stationary.

Only Wi-Fi enabled Hero 3 GoPros need apply - or customers can order the WiFi Bacpac for older models - but it has put an end to the awkward guesswork involved in setting up the perfect shot.

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