Try keeping your head at the new Saw Ride

If you’re anything like us, your memories of Thorpe Park will probably involve being dragged round a fairly shabby farm by your parents, trying to ign

However, Thorpe Park has spent the last few years restyling itself itself as a "thrill capital" – the poo and the teacups are long gone, replaced by all sorts of twisty-turny, faintly terrifying rides designed to make you part with your lunch.

Last night joined various overexcited slebs such as Jonathan Ross (above), Dermot O’Leary and Tom Smith out of Editors to get an exclusive go on the latest attraction – a horror rollercoaster based around the Saw movie franchise.

The idea, presumably, is to replicate the feelings one might experience when watching one of Saw films. However, instead of being overcome with a melancholic despair at what passes for entertainment these days, the Saw: The Ride rollercoaster actually scared the beejeezus out of us.

Set in what appears to be a disused warehouse, the queue snakes through claustrophobic, darkened corridors decorated with puddles of (fake) blood and barbed wire fencing.

This alone appeared to be too much for Big Brother "star" Chantelle, who we spotted pushing her way back out to the exit in a right old flap.

Once loaded into the cars, an animatronic Jigsaw puppet announces that "we’re going to be playing a game". That game, as it turns out, involves suddenly plummeting towards a row of blood-stained knives, only to be thrown to the left at the last minute – directly into a corkscrew turn while being showered by fake blood from the ceiling.

Emerging from the warehouse into the night and suddenly a bit too aware we’d been shrieking like girls, we did our best to regain our composure and appear nonchalant about the quite frankly pant-wetting experience.

Or at least we did before the car started climbing the vertical track to the decomposing cherry on Saw: The Ride’s putrifying cake – a sheer 100ft drop. Flipping over the top and hurtling back to earth at 55 mph, our earlier scoffing at Chantelle’s decision to head back to the bar seemed only faintly more ludicrous than our high-pitched squealing.

Frankly, Stuff is happy to admit it was absolutely terrifying, and if blood vessel-bursting rollercoasters are your thing, you should be heading to Staines to get in the queue quick smart – Saw: the Ride opens to the public on Saturday.

Next up – a waterflume based on Slumdog Millionaire. Possibly.