Trophies and in–game XMB hit PS3 on 2 July

At last! After being told last week that firmware 2.40, the one packing in–game cross media bar (XMB) and trophies would be coming to the PS3 &l

Alongside a video showing how the whole shebang works, Sony has also lifted the lid on the titles that’ll offer trophies to hardened gaming addicts.

These include Super Stardust HD, LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm Pacific Drift and Resistance 2. Essentially it means you’ll be able to brag about your skills to your mates, in the style of Xbox Achievements.

So, now you can talk to your mates in–game and show off about how good you are. Basic features, that, if we’re being honest, should have been on the PS3 from day one.

Still, no point complaining. Just make sure you take the day off on Wednesday to check it out in full. We’ll be bringing you a blog with our first impressions then.