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Triple capacity batteries that charge in ten minutes are coming

A battery breakthrough will mean no more charging your phone overnight, or every day

Those genius scientists over at USC were sick of recharging their smartphones overnight, daily. So they’ve knocked up a new battery that holds triple the charge, juices to full in ten minutes and is cheap to make.

Deep breath for the science. These super batteries are made using porous, flexible silicon nanowires for the anodes in a lithium-ion battery. That means all the powers mentioned before plus they last for at least 2000 charge cycles. Combine that with the electromagnetic wireless charging that’s on its way and plug-in charging can start making funeral arrangements.

Smartphones can stay in your pocket for longer and cars could travel further with hasty recharges. And the best bit? It’s so simple to implement we could see them in just two years. Overworked wall sockets rejoice.

[USC via Engadget]

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