Transform and roll out – the Casple Podadera electric car folds up for parking

This could be the world’s easiest car to park – and with an 80-mile range, it’s an ideal city commuter

Okay, it's not exactly Optimus Prime, but the Casple Podadera is a Transformer of sorts. The Casple made and Francisco Podarera-designed electric car folds up for parking on the city streets, with the rear wheels tucking away under the car – shortening it to just 1.9m long.

When extended, at a mere 2.3m, the car can travel 80 miles on a charge with a top speed of 66mph.

Despite its seemingly flimsy frame, the Casple Podadera meets safety criteria for side impacts, thanks to the honeycomb panels and composite materials used in its construction. It'll also feature vertically hinged doors for easy access – even in the tight parking spaces this mini motor is made for.

[via Designboom]

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