Trackpad mouse hybrid aims to point, click and swipe its way into your heart

Want the multitouch goodness of a trackpad with the manouverability of a mouse? This could be the Franken-tech piece you've been looking for


Apple's Magic Mouse has already brought touch sensitivity to the mouse evolution table, and now Gigabyte is hoping to take things a step further with its Xenon Dual Mode Touchpad Mouse.

The TouchPad Mouse is a trackpad/mouse hybrid, with a surface that offers up multitouch gestures as well as replicating your laptop's trackpad - ideal for Microsoft's touch-friendly Windows 8 OS.

With an all-black angular stealth bomber-like design and a pricetag of only £26, it might be worth a look to see if you're ready for the next level in mouse evolution. Unless you're still rocking an old school track ball that is. You maverick you.

[via Gizmodo]

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