Toyota's customisable Camatte car is just for kids

Toyota wants to encourage junior petrolheads with miniature motor featuring swappable body panels and components

Move over, Hot Wheels – Toyota's created a new car just for kids. The Camatte, revealed at the International Tokyo Toy Show, is Toyota's bid to get children interested in cars – not just in driving them, but in the mechanics that underpin them.

That means that as well as being designed for children to drive, the Camatte is customisable – the body panels and components can easily be removed and swapped out.

When it comes time to teach Junior how to take to the road, the Camatte can be driven in non-public places like go-cart tracks – and an adult can sit in the back and ensure that they stay on course using a remote control.

The 9ft long three-seater is propelled by an electric motor, and will reach speeds of up to 25mph.  

The Camatte's just a concept car for the time being, so there's no information on pricing or release date as yet. We just have one request for Toyota: can we have a full-size version for grown-ups?

[via designboom]

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