Toy Fair 2011 – Street Surfing Wave Pro swings both ways

Casterboarding too much like kids play? Wave Pro makes it grown-up and adds a reverse gear

Skateboards used to have four wheels and a solid ply top. Not any more. The casterboard, as championed by the likes of Street Surfing and Ripstik, has sliced the deck in two, connected it with a swivel pivot and halved the number of wheels. The disadvantage – other than being much harder to ride – was always that casterboards could only go one way.

Not any more. Street Surfing’s new Wave Pro adds a second lip and is happy to travel in either direction thanks to newly engineered trucks that aren’t finicky about which way you want to ride. The new board’s dumped the kiddie plastic construction of previous incarnations, too, taking its design cues from skateboarding proper. It’s slightly harder to ride than a regular casterboard, but our brief feet-on with the Wave Pro proved it’s possible for even the amateur boarder to get up and running, even if we didn’t manage to pull off a directional switch or any fancy grabs.

We’re off to get some practice, so pick yourself up a Street Surfing Wave Pro for £150 (available from late Spring) and we’ll see you down at the half-pipe.