Toy Fair 2011 – HTi’s iball3 enlightens puzzlers

Infuriating handheld puzzle game invites you to challenge the world (and probably fail)

If the Death Star had been designed by Professor Rubik, it might have looked something like the iball3. And Vader would have lost his temper rapidly in the face of this testing game. With a bit of concentration and good luck, Level 1 is easy enough to win in the given 90 seconds. All you have to do is work out the sequence of the lights and get them all glowing the same colour together. And try not to bump into Lord Vader in the corridor.

But you need to win it in under 20 seconds to qualify for Level 2, the gateway to a global challenge to top the leaderboard. Once you’ve solved the iball3 in the required time, you get a unique code letting you get interactive with all the others in this elite club. And the three-colour simplicity of Level 1 is gone. In Level 2 there are four colours. It’s tricky to explain the mechanics, but relatively simple to grasp once you get your hands on it.

Look out for iball3 this summer for £17.