Touchscreen Sony Walkman set for CES?

The iPod Touch has pretty much put all its rivals to the sword since its triumphant arrival on the scene late last year. But if scurrilous web reports

The new MP3 player, dug up by Sony Insider, will apparently get its first airing at CES over in Las Vegas. Word is we're looking at a touchscreen, OLED monster, with a 3in screen, Wi–Fi, full web browser and the chance to snag podcasts and tunes on the move.

There'll be external volume controls too, just like the 2nd gen Touch. Sony is clearly gong for broke, after the failure of the Walkman range to dent the dominance of the iPod.

Obviously this all remains speculation, but we'll be making a beeline for the Sony stand at CES as soon as it opens in January. For more CES goodies, hit up our special blog now.