Touchscreen Nokia N97 gets official

We thought the countdown site might mean something. And boy, we were right. Nokia has just unveiled the N97 to a stunned crowd over at their annual No

Packing an iPhone–matching 3.5in touchscreen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard, it is being billed as 'the world's most advanced mobile computer.' It's a bold claim and is certainly backed up by an extremely impressive spec sheet. There's 32GB of memory on board, which can be expanded to an iPod Touch–crushing 48GB.

Round the back, Nokia has kept the faith with the 5MP camera that we've seen on the N95 and N96. A shame they wouldn't boost to 8MP, but hardly something to bleat about. Nokia also boasts that you'll be able to capture DVD quality flicks, meaning you can leave that camcorder at home too.

There's full support for the Nokia Music Store and of course HSDPA and Wi–Fi from the word go.

Nokia is also showing off a new 'social location feature', which uses the AGPS and an on–board compass allowing you to automatically update social networks with real time info. We'll be bringing you more on that later.

The N97 is due in the first half of 2009 for €500. This time it looks like they're really going to bring the pain to RIM and Apple.