Touch+ turns your table into a trackpad

You got the touch – this sensor kits out any surface with multitouch smarts

I have a trackpad, why would I want to stick a thing on top of my computer? Think how much time you waste moving your hand between your keyboard and your mouse or trackpad. Don't you want those valuable seconds of your life back? Touch+ lets you turn the space above your keyboard into a multitouch surface, letting you type and scroll with ease.

But I've seen this before – gesture control isn't new.Touch+ reckons that current gesture control – of the sort practiced by Kinect and Leap Motion – are inefficient and make you look a bit daft. People don't actually want to flap their hands around in the air like in Iron Man and Minority Report, apparently – they want the fine control that you get from using fingers on a trackpad, but without being tied to the trackpad itself.

Okay, but there's a perfectly good trackpad on my MacBook. If you're working in a confined space – on a train, say, or in a café – then not flicking back and forth between keyboard and trackpad is pretty handy. Or it could just be that you want to pretend you're in Minority Report, waving your fingers about like some sort of tech-wizard.

So what exactly does it do? It uses a pair of VGA cameras to track motion – it claims to give you finer control over small gestures than a Leap Motion. It's got 3D sensing, multitouch, depth mapping, video capture and isn't affected by sunlight or IR devices nearby.

Is that all? By no means. You can mount Touch+ on top of your laptop screen or point it at any surface – a desktop, the arm of your couch, even a wall – handy if you've hooked a projector up to your computer.

Okay, I'm interested. How much? You can snap a Touch+ up for US$75 (£45) from the Ractiv website now.

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