Touch to transfer with Sony's Transferjet

Coming to a Sony camera, TV, MP3 player and PC near you soon is Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology.That's Transferjet to you and us –

That's Transferjet to you and us – a new wireless standard Sony plans to bung into its hardware that will make moving photos, music tracks and anything else you care to think of a simple case of touch and go.

The technology boasts data speeds roughly 20% faster than USB 2.0, but uses no wires. The catch? Its wireless range is a measly 3cm, hence the need to touch gadgets together to make the link.

Sony sees it being used to quickly view snaps on a Bravia telly or transfer downloaded tracks from a mobile over to an MP3 player.

Sounds like gadget harmony to us. Sadly there's no indication of when we might be able to buy the first Transferjet gear, but Sony says it'll be "actively promoting" its use across the industry.

So keep a watchful eye on future spec lists.