Toshiba’s new trio of upscaling lappies

Toshiba has just lifted the lid on three spanking new lappies, packing the power to upscale all your standard def goodies in real time, thanks to thei

The new beasts are taking aim at desktops everywhere. Top of the pile is the Qosmio G50, toting a monster 18.4in screen, set to 16:9 so you can spy your movies without any pesky black bars.

Play your regular films and it’ll use the separate processor to upscale your movies to HD in real time straight to your HDTV. That means you can get on with other guff on your PC while the processor does its thang in the background.

Bottom of the pile is the still hefty F50, with a 15.4in screen. Tosh says this is perfect for taking HD on the move. So, with HD DVD over, it looks like Toshiba is looking at new ways to serve up hi–def. It sures sounds tasty.

Also released, but not rocking the same tech, is the Qosmio X300, a gaming PC dressed up in a truly disgusting ‘fireshark design’. With a 17in screen, it’s smaller than the G50, but packs more grunt for gamers when it comes to graphics.

There’s no word yet on price or how much the new processor will batter your battery, but keep it here for more details. We’ll also be bringing you a video review, so stay tuned to


Toshiba Qosmio G50, X300 and F50 laptops

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Toshiba