Toshiba's new Tecra twins outed

Not feeling this netbook vibe? Then Toshiba's got something they want to shoe you. The PC giants, who say their own micro–lappie won't surafce a

The Tecra A10 and M10 both come packing Tosh's EasyGuard tech that uses fingerprint recognition to stop liggers and thieves getting hold of spreadsheets, your bongo collection and tracks by Kenny G.

The M10 is the slimline model, with a 14in screen, up to 8GB of RAM and a massive 250GB HDD for stashing aforementioned assorted docs. You also get Bluetooth, Wi–Fi and even 3G in the higher end versions for online sessions wherever you are. The price? From £549. Not bad, eh?

The A10 is heftier, with 15in, the same 8GB of RAM and 250GB HDD. No 3G here, hence the price dipping a quid under £500.

Both come with Vista Business and are due around October.


Toshiba Tecra A10 and M10

Price: A10 from £499, M10 from £549

On sale: October

Contact: Toshiba