Toshiba whips out its tiny IK–HD1

It’s but days since Sony played a game of ‘mine’s smaller than yours’ and whipped out the tiniest HD cammie on the planet, the

And now it’s Toshiba’s turn to play. Their new IK–HD1 is a mere 1.6–inches square. In case you’re wondering, that’s about the size of a pack of OXO cubes. Or a big die.

It weighs a mere 65g and will slip in your pocket no trouble. However, it’s designed to be slunk away for spying in glorious 1080i. They say this will be ideal for reality telly. Yeah, World’s Wildest Police Videos would work a treat with this bad boy mounted on the dash.

It’s due out in the States in the next month, and our man at Tosh has told us to keep our eyes peeled for a UK release later this year.

If you can stick one on a headcam then we’re sold.


Toshiba IK–HD1

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Toshiba