Toshiba TG01 lands on Orange

It feels like an age since we first caught glimpse of the Toshiba TG01. But now the six month wait appears to be over, with Orange listing the Snapdra

The news comes as web gossip points to a release date as soon as next week for the phone. It appears Orange types will be able to get involved first, and they can expect a truly speedy experience when they lay their hands on the TG01.

The Toshiba smartie is the first phone to cram in Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset, currently touted as the basis for a slew of next–gen SmartBooks. That means it will tick along nicely without consuming tons of power. And all while handling a customised build of Windows Mobile 6.1 underneath that epic 4.1in touchscreen.

On top of that there's a 3.1MP camera, with the blower measuring a mere 9.9mm thick. That makes the iPhone 3G S look like a monster by comparison.

We'll keep you bang up–to–date with full price details as soon as we get them. In the meantime, sate your appetite by checking out our Toshiba TG01 hands–on video.