Toshiba Satellite P Series 2012 models shown off

Quartet of new laptops emerge from Tosh’s labs wearing premium design and Harman Kardon speakers

Toshiba has lifted the lid on four new premium laptops in its Satellite P Series, all fresh for 2012.

A pair of 15.6in models, the Satellite P850 and P855, will arrive with the latest Intel processors, Nvidia GT630 graphics, Blu-ray drives and four USB 3.0 ports a piece, while the P855 will also come with a glasses-free 3D option.

The new range – which also includes the similarly specced 17.3in P875 and P870 – come with HDMI ports, Harman Kardon speakers (two in the 15-inchers, four in the 17in models) and hard drives up to 1TB, plus lower capacity solid-state options.

Need a gimmick? The laptops have a Sleep-and-Charge functionality that allows gadgets to be charged via USB while shut down, plus Sleep-and-Music, which lets you pump SRS audio through those Harman Kardon speakers, again with the laptop off.

There’s no pricing yet for the Satellite P Series, but you can expect to see them hitting shelves in 2012.

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