Toshiba outs two Windows 7 Satellite laptops

As hype for the launch of Windows 7 builds, Toshiba has slipped a couple of mid-range laptops running the new OS into the market.If you're looking for

If you're looking for a safe bet and don't want to break the bank both the L555 and L450 Satellites are worth a look.

The 15.6in L450 is the cheaper of the two at £330 and is specced to take on a fairly rugged multimedia load with a widescreen 720p display and HDMI.

At £700, the L555 is more than twice the price, but has a whopping 17.3in hi-def screen and a meatier processor.

Both come with up to 500GB of belly and up to 4GB RAM, a choice of Intel or AMD innards, integrated webcam and mic, Wireless N, three USB ports, optical drive and Toshiba's new LifeSpace software, which claims to keep clutter down and help with organisation.

Expect to see them both in the last week of the October, stealing Windows 7's thunder.