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Toshiba exec – there’s more to HD than Blu-ray

While Toshiba may well have thrown in the towel and announced it would be hopping on the Blu-ray bandwagon, it has also suggested it has more up its H

Speaking to CNET, Tosh senior exec Olivier van Wynedaele explained the reasons behind the company’s decision to join the Blu-ray Disc Association a whole 18 months after ditching its own HD format, HD DVD.

Apparently it all came down to the fact that until recently, Blu-ray was still a work in progress. Now with the format complete, not to mention the only HD video format currently out there, it was something Toshiba had to adopt to stay on top.

Van Wynedaele said: “If we were to make a move [on] optical discs we’d have to back Blu-ray, obviously. We did research and although it’s [Blu-ray] a minor part of the market, it’s reached the point where we should consider it.”

However, it seems that Toshiba hasn’t changed its standpoint on creating its own HD video, and while it knows Blu-ray is the current leader in the HD field, it believes there are more solutions out there – the company’s research into affordable, big storage SD cards perhaps being one of them.

Until then though, van Wynedaele said Toshiba would be starting from scratch on its Blu-ray products, and attempting to bring them to market at an “affordable” price.

“We won’t be using anything from the HD DVD side of things, apart from knowledge of video compression and Internet technology that we learned from during the creation of HD DVD,” van Wynedaele added.

Unfortunately, there was no hint as to when we’ll see any Tosh Blu-ray products on the shelves, but we will of course keep you in the loop with all the news we hear.


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