Toshiba ditch HD DVD to flirt with Blu-ray

Toshiba's attempt at beating Blu-ray with its HD DVD format wasn't exactly successful – and so it seems the company has adopted the "i

At an annual shareholder meeting in Tokyo, Crunchgear is reporting that Tosh president Atsutoshi Nishida said his company was considering Blu-ray products.

Apparently Blu-ray recorders are the top of the list of devices they are interested to make, no doubt because demand for them is growing  – particularly in Japan.

With a slice of that pie, Toshiba might be able to rid himself of some of the pressure from shareholders, concerned at Tosh's rather sorry financial state. To keep them happy, Nishida added that the company was set to save $3.5 billion on fiscal 2008's rather dire figures.

As always, we'll be sniffing out all the Tosh Blu-ray news as and when it happens – be sure to check out our Top 10 Blu-ray players to check out the competition on the market at the moment.