Toshiba conference live updates

The latest news from Toshiba's technology conference in Italy

Our man has jetted off to Italy to cover Toshiba's technology conference. What a champ taking one for the team. Here's what they're revealing.


Tosh says it will launch glasses-free 40in-plus 3DTV for the masses at CES in January 2012. Dare we hope?


Toshiba Places, their very own store, will be launched in May featuring apps, music, books, games, movies and social networking tools.


Two new laptops have been announced.

The Satellite L700, available in 13, 15 and 17-in models at a mid-range price and featuring 2D to 3D conversion software built-in.

The Satellite P700 will come in 15 and 17-in versions, both with a full 3D option. They will feature Harman Kardon speakers as standard.

Both models will feature what Toshiba are calling new designs "flavours". Tasty.


Personal TVs are coming that can remember your picture settings, last volume, channel list and PVR settings. What's new there? It works through facial recognition. Impressive, if it works.


Toshiba say they will release glasses-free 3D TVs within the next 12 months.


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