Toshiba announces staggering 498ppi 6.1in HD screen

The Retina Display can take a backseat – Toshiba has redefined High Definition

At its recent Galaxy Nexus announcement, Samsung claimed that users look for a good screen above anything else in a mobile device – as proved by the popularity of the Retina Display. Toshiba must have been laughing up its sleeve as it made the finishing touches on a breath-taking 498ppi 6.1in screen that wipes the floor with the iPhone’s 326ppi 3.5in display.

Not only does this mean we'll be getting print quality images for tablets and mobiles thanks to its 2560x1600 pixel display, it could also point to higher quality 3D images. Because 3D needs to run different images on every other vertical line, most screens are low quality – but with so many pixels to start off with, even half of the Toshiba screen's vertical resolution is better quality than most 2D screens.

Could Apple already know about this and have a lucrative deal lined up with Toshiba that means they no longer need to use their main competitor Samsung? Or will Toshiba be selling to Samsung? Either way we expect Toshiba's screens to become very popular, very soon.

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