Top bots converge on Smithsonian for US National Robotics Week

Anyone else a bit concerned that one day the robots might give us a National Humans Week?

National Robotics Week starts on Saturday in the US and the robots are already getting in line for this year’s party. Labs have been donating their best ‘bots to the Smithsonian collection in honour of the event, including MARV, the one cubic inch Miniature Autonomous Robotic Vehicle built in 1996 as well as hopping robots and Dixie, an early battlefield scout robot.

Engineering students from Texas have taken along their new search and rescue-tron Survivor Buddy and there’s a flying robot with wings built at the University of Maryland. Visitors can also build and test drive remote-controlled robots or play with ELECTRO, the resident autonomous robot dog. Apparently his bark’s worse than his byte.


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