Top 5 tech April Fools

Tenuous gadget gossip often rattles around t’interweb. But at least a hefty chunk of it comes true. After all, the iPhone was once just a much&n

Still, today’s really taken the biscuit when it comes to needless tittle-tattle, it being April Fools’ Day and all. So, here’s our pick of this year’s baseless lies. Until 2009...

The Dynamo keyboard

Powering your own computer courtesy of speedy typing? Tenuous at best, but IWOOT’s keyboard that could also make your screen brighter and your audio louder was perhaps taking it a little far.

HD DVD is back

Er, yeah, Tosh’s mighty losing format returned for a last hurrah this morning. The new 3–inch Mini HD DVD’s can stash a whole terabyte and is being developed by Taiwan World Association of Technology, ready for the ‘much–rumoured Xbox 361’. Except we won’t really, will we.

gDay from Google

Google Australia’s claims to be able to gaze into the future looked a treat. Their new gDay service could use MATE (Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation) software to give you tomorrow’s search results. Keep dreaming kids, it’s coming one day.

Nintendo’s R.O.B. for Wii

Nintendo’s R.O.B. was a robotic hit in the 80s, so why wouldn’t they bring it back for the Wii. It could move its hands, make stupid noises and hook up with your hub via Bluetooth. Shame it was all a pack of lies.

YouTube Rick’s and Rolls

The joys of Rick Rolling know no bounds. YouTube linked every single one of their featured videos at 80s crooner Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up clip. Classic.