Top 40 to include streamed music

As music charts try to cater more and more to how people are listening to music, it seems the Top 40 could soon start to incorporate the popularity of

The BBC is reporting that the Official UK Charts Company has said it was "bound to" take into account streaming and subscription services like Spotify and We7, but not for at least another year.

If implemented, this will be some departure from tradition. Even with the entrance of digital downloads, the Top 40 chart has always been based on sales alone since its launch in 1952.

To counter this, it is thought that since streaming listeners rarely pay for tracks, the plays on such services would carry less weight than regular sales.

Official Charts Company managing director Martin Talbot told BBC: "Knowing what a stream is worth compared to a purchase of a download is very difficult to identify at the moment, but that's obviously going to be the next step."

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