Top 10 Valentines gifts: for him

Searching for a Valentines gift for the man in your life? Congratulations on thinking to look at – you're obviously the girl of any gad

Searching for a Valentines gift for the man in your life? Congratulations on thinking to look at – you're obviously the girl of any gadget-bloke's dreams. Now take your pick from these ten desirables. Each one a man-pleaser, guaranteed.

Vox AmPlug £30

The way to a man's heart is to make him think it's still within the realms of possibility that he could rock out at Wembley Stadium. Encourage his dream with this little Vox Amp simulator (above).

Meliconi GumBody Light £35

Love is giving over control of the remote. The Gumbody Light will control all of Virgin and Sky's boxes and just about any Freeview box. The rough finish stops it slipping off the sofa and there's backlighting for use in the dark. 

Waterproof Yellow Submarine radio £15

Forget sensual oils and candles, this Valentines have some splashy bathtime fun with this waterproof radio. Powered by two AAA batteries, the sub will bob along while you re-enact scenes from Das Boot with your loved one.

iPod Touch £199, £269, £369

The sexiest of sexy gadgets, Apple's iPod Touch just begs to be fondled. Load it with photos of yourself to be stroked and multi-touched up.

Nintendo Wii £180

Have a love match with Wii Sports Tennis, fly to the moon with Mario Galaxy, get your groove on with Boogie... you get the idea.


iPod Party Speaker £150

This is the ultimate portable iPod dock (right), and comes with four inputs for connecting instruments or the included mic. A 12-hour rechargeable battery means you could be crooning all night. And what could be more romantic than serenading your lover with 22W of power, eh?

USB Mix Tape £20

Homebrewed cassette compilations, once the classic 'I like you' gift, have now updated. Strum his retro heartstrings with this audiotape case housing a 64MB USB stick. All of the retro looks, none of the hissy playback. 

Loc8tor Lite £45

Find keys, mobiles or lost lovers with this credit card-sized tracking device from Loc8tor. Bleeping and flashing hot and cold, it'll track anything with a homing tag on it and take you to within 2.5cm of the lost thingmajig.

Selk Bag £90

Like a great big hug in a sleeping bag, the Selk is a wearable sleeping bag that's silly and snug at once. Also provokes an irresistible desire to jump on people.

I Love You toaster £25

Having trouble uttering those three little words? Then say it with toast. Marmite, for once, might not be the perfect companion.

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