Top 10 Valentines gifts: for her

Any fool can make the lazy choice of a bunch of flowers and a heart-shaped box of chocs on February 14. But for the man who's wooing a gadget-loving g

Any fool can make the lazy choice of a bunch of flowers and a heart-shaped box of chocs on February 14. But for the man who's wooing a gadget-loving girl, only something that bleeps and/or lights up will hit the spot. Here are Stuff's Top 10 gifts for wired women... 


Apple iPod Nano in pink £130

Now if the busiest time of year for the colour pink – and luckily Apple's baby video iPod (above) now comes in just that hue. Pre-load it with mushy tunes and make up for last year's petrol-station flowers and family pack of Minstrels. And a special Valentine's treat, Apple will also engrave and gift wrap your Pod purchase for nowt.


i-Buddy £15

Constantly MSN-ing your sweetie? This little plastic angel will shimmy its wings when she's online. It'll also interpret emoticons, glowing red with embarrassment, shaking in anger or pulsing its little heart with love. Cute. 

Ugobe Pleo £250

Forget that puppy in a box business – a baby robot dinosaur is the truly modern Valentines pressie. Pleo is not only unbearably cute but he's smart too, developing a unique personality over time. And he doesn't crap everywhere.

Garmin nuvi 200 and 250 in pink £170, £200

Set her a romantic treasure trail, then make sure she actually get there with these great city-orientated sat-navs. They're also customisable with electronic phrasebooks and currency converters.

Vestalife Ladybug iPod dock $110

iPod docks are as ubiquitous these days as free newspapers and, well, pink gadgets. Don't bug your lady with a run-of-the-mill dock; charm her with this quirky portable speaker system with fold-out 'wings'.


Sennheiser CX300 in pink £40

If she's wedded to her pink phone, her pink MP3 player and her pink DS Lite, don't fight it, indulge. These have long been Stuff's in-ear buds of choice – now they come in pink (right).

Samsung i70 in pink £180

Samsung's slinky 7.2-megapixel snapper comes in four colours, and one of them just happens to be pink. If 3x optical zoom, face recognition and an MP3 player isn't enough, gossip-page fodder Girls Aloud personally endorse it.

Phasing Heart Lights £7

Turn your home into a love-nest by switching off the lights and laying out these heart-shaped lights. The plastic love tokens gently phase through red, green, blue and purple – perfect for setting the mood for romance. Or guiding in a Boeing.

Heart hand-warmer £5

Cold hands equal a quick cool-off in the bedroom, so ensure mitts stay toasty with one of these heart-shaped hand-warmers. Just click to heat to a snug 130ºF, and recharge with a quick dip in boiling water.

Samsung G600 in pink from £free

Five-megapixel camphones are usually fat and distinctly unglamourous, but now Samsung have gone loud and proud with their pink G600. It's packed with features and at only 15mm, fashionably skinny too.

Found a great gift? Now to make sure she returns the favour – point your girl in the direction of Top 10 Valentines Gifts: for her.