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Top 10 moments of 2012 immortalised in Lego

What do you get when you combine the highlights of last year with everyone's favourite brick people? A great way to spend three minutes, that's what

Just when we think our Lego skills have advanced far enough to build our own Lego jet engine, some Lego prodigy comes along and puts us in our place.

The latest Lego maestro to do so is 18 year old Harry Bossert, who has reenacted the top 10 moments of 2012 in a stop motion Lego video who covers everything from HRH The Queen plummeting out of a helicopter to Bradley Wiggins and PSY mastering their respected fields.

There’s even an appearance by a Lego-ified Felix Baumgartner as he leaps down towards a model of Earth and a victorious Usain Bolt posing after blazing down the track.

Check out the video below and join us in looking back at last year through brick-vision glasses.


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