Top 10 Freshers' tech – cool kit for university from toasters to awesome iPhone apps

Starting university can be a daunting time – what books should you read and which ones can you just pretend to have read? Where are the best bar

Starting university can be a daunting time – what books should you read and which ones can you just pretend to have read? Where are the best bars? What the hell are you going to eat? Solve these and other queries with our top 10 freshers' week tech. 

Keeping in the know  

The Evernote app is perfect for students trying to keep tabs in their lectures, as it allows you to create notes, take photos and record voice memos. You can access all the content at any time from your phone or computer, so you can sack up those revision notes for the end of the year.




You're going to need an alarm clock to get you to your lectures on time, but you don't want to turn up groggy or you won't be able to concentrate. This app monitors your sleep patterns using the phone's microphone and wakes you up at an optimal moment so your brain is raring to go.




If you're off to uni, you'll probably find yourself in a different place where you don't know the bars, pubs and clubs of the area - and that just won't do. The iFinder Pub iPhone app will let you know what's on offer, it may well be the best 59p you'll spend  in Fresher's Week.



4. Canon Ixus 100 IS, £168,

You're going to need a camera to snap all the goings on of Fresher's Week, not to mention the rest of your time at university - and this is a great option. With 12.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom and a slim, pocketable size, it'll be your perfect companion for a night out - and the image quality is great too. 


A fully-featured netbook that will give you maximum performance and portability, but still with a reasonable price tag. Perfect for both taking along to lectures and uploading all the messy photos from Fresher's Week to Facebook.







6. Golla Crest miniBlack, £10.74,

Golla makes loads of great looking laptop bags and sleeves. This one's got quite a 'love it or hate it' pattern but there's plenty of others to choose from. Get one to protect your brand new NC10 from the threats of student life – spilt beers, dripping cheese toasties and idiot students.


7. Klipsch iGroove iPod dock, £99.98,

With a rather striking design, the Klipsch iGroove packs some serious sound into its rather compact body for those pre-club parties. It will support all iPods (apart from Shuffles) and iPhones, and also any other MP3 players via 3.5mm jack, so all your housemates will be able to hook up their house party music as well.


This rather clever pen helps you to make sense of scribbled notes by recording audio as you write. It features an infra-red cam to link audio to your notes, so if you click a part of your notes it will play back the audio that was spoken at the time, helping you to work out what exactly you meant to write.  

You can even store up to 2GB of notes and audio on the pen, then upload them to your computer to share them with your mates. 

Food and drink

Egg on toast is a student staple and this nifty toaster will let you get it in a jiffy with minimal effort. Simply pop in two slices of toast, and choose whether you want your egg poached, fried or boiled - no frying pan needed.



A rather funky addition to your student kitchen, this bottle opener makes the perfect drinking buddy. Simply slot a beer into the hands of this little man, and he'll take the top clean off for you quicker than you can say beer o' clock.


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