TomTom wants to reward you for good driving

TomTom and Motaquote want to reward you for good driving. Speed demons need not apply

Sweeping generalisations about drivers often mean that those behind the wheel face a tough time getting insurance. For example, if you're under 25 you're a liability to others, boys are more dangerous and reckless than their female counterparts and women drivers are overly cautious and indecisive.

Wouldn't it be nice to be judged on actual driving abilities as opposed to anatomy? TomTom thinks so too, and it's joined forces with Motaquote to reward good drivers with lower premiums on their car insurance.

Called Fair Pay Insurance, the reward scheme works by harvesting data from your TomTom and offering up a bonus scheme in exchange for good driving.

So rather than being judged on paper using factors beyond your control such as postcode, age, gender and vehicle type, the scheme chucks driver generalisation out of the window and is governed by your driving skills, putting you in control of your own insurance policy.

Signing up to the Fair Pay scheme will get you a specially-developed TomTom PRO 3100, which includes Active Driver Feedback, LIVE Services and LINK tracking that will enable Motaquote to check on your driving.

A driver dashboard means driver behaviour and habits can be checked within the vehicle, but it also provides online access to journey details and driving behaviour. If you still need further verification that you're a good driver, information will also be sent in regular email bulletins.

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