TomTom Start 20 series gets off the grid

Brace of entry level in-car satnavs bring bigger screens and better maps

Stuff’s local council’s been patching up the same square metre of Tarmac outside the office for months. Meanwhile, TomTom’s managed to add two million kilometres of new roads to the maps in its new robot back seat drivers. It’s birthed satnav twins in the shape of the 4.3in Start 20 (from £130) and 5in Start 25 (£170). Both share DNA in the shape of a new OS designed to be easy for first-time satnavvers to get to grips with and a stylish new design. As usual, the devices are full of points of interest and speed camera locations. But they still can’t tell you you’re about to hit a pothole outside Stuff Towers. We live in hope…


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