TomTom satnavs go social with new GO LIVE services

Tweet your ETA and search live travel news while on the move... safely of course

TomTom has announced it's adding a slew of new features, including Twitter functionality, to its latest satnav line. Driver-friendly versions of Expedia, TripAdvisor and Yelp – part of its Search & GO LIVE services – have been thrown in for access to online travel reviews, the best routes and to keep users informed about the area they're driving in, including accommodation, restaurant and theatre info.

Google's search prowess is also on hand, as is social networking functionality from the likes of Twitter. Obviously, your safety is paramount, so tweeting while driving is not what's on offer here. Instead, it throws up the ability to tweet your destination and estimated time of arrival, which needs to be pre-set before you set off, so you're not tempted to take your eyes off the road. Updates are taken care of automtically throughout the duration of the journey. Not keen on revealing to the world you're miles from home? You could always switch this feature off.

TomTom's new services will initially launch in the US, Germany and New Zealand in October. Sadly for us Brits, plans for the UK to join TomTom's connected community are as yet undisclosed. Hopefully TomTom can shed some light on the situation when we navigate to its stand at IFA.


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