TomTom rolls out online route planner

While gadget fiends the world over can't leave home without suckering their satnav onto the windscreen, some mere mortals still insist they can find t

Which is why the king of GPS, TomTom, has announced its rolling out an online route planner. The idea is simple – head over to their dedicated site, key in your address and destination and they'll work out the rest.

The difference between this an other shonky online planners is TomTom's access to vast reserves of traffic data. Using their HD traffic system and IQ Routes, TomTom reckons it has access to 500 billion different speed measurements across the globe, meaning you can use the facts to pick a precise route.

TomTom says this means their plans will be nice and accurate. For now, it's only open to handpicked beta testers, but there are plans to roll it out next year to grateful motorists looking to avoid traffic jams.

What do you think? A neat alternative to getting a satnav? Or just another step to TomTom's plans for world domination. Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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