TomTom outs XL LIVE

TomTom has outed a new sat nav that will see its previously high-end LIVE Services getting cosy on a more mid-range device.The XL Live will come packi

The XL Live will come packing the LIVE functionality of the premium GO range, but all wrapped up in an XL shell.

This means you'll get benefits like TomTom's HD Traffic for traffic information en route, Safety Alerts for real-time speed camera reporting, a fuel price checker, Google's Local Search, and the recently announced IQ Routes.

Even more interestingly the LIVE Services will be extended to work across all LIVE countries (currently UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands) at no extra cost, and 42 maps of European countries will also come fully loaded and ready to go as well.

The XL LIVE Europe 42 is set to hit shelves next month in June for £249.99. You'll get three months of LIVE freebies, but after that you'll be looking to pay the £7.99 a month or a pre-paid subscription to keep up with them.

As for current GO x40 LIVE customers, you'll be getting an automatic free upgrade before the year is out that will activate your LIVE Services in LIVE countries, so you won't be missing out.

See what we thought to the the GO 740 in our review and be sure to let us know what you make of all of this below.