TomTom for iPhone pricing leaked

An unconfirmed price of TomTom's yet to be released iPhone app has been leaked by a UK e-tailer.Handtec has a product listed on its website for preord

Handtec has a product listed on its website for preorder under "TomTom for iPhone including mount" for £113.85.

Now you may think that's pretty pricey, but as the description suggests, this includes both the app and the windscreen mount that packs a loud speaker, enhanced GPS performance, handsfree phone calling and charges your phone too.

Considering the cheapest standalone TomTom is around £118, if you already own an iPhone, then you can get all the functionality of a sat nav on your phone without having to clutter your car with another bit of kit.

What remains to be seen is how much the app will cost on its own from the App Store – with Navigon's option currently costing £59.99 and CoPilot Live's choice serious undercutting that at £25.99, it's going to have some competition on its hands.

Still it's promising Tele Atlas mapping and TomTom IQ Routes in the app, and if it is as impressive as the company's fully fledged sat navs then its performance and reputation alone could cause people to fork out the extra dough.

Let us know below what you think to this pricing, and if you'll be buying it when it finally gets released sometime this "summer".

Via: TUAW and Daniweb