TomTom iPhone app in the works?

The next–gen iPhone is set to come over all friendly with turn–by–turn navigation, thanks to that in–built digital compass spo

The ad, dug up by GPS Review, asks for a navigation developer to work on an iPhone app in Amsterdam. TomTom itself isn't mentioned, but seeing as there's only one satnav player over in the land of clogs, tulips and total football, it's not hard to put two and two together.

TomTom has previously said it's keen, telling us on a trip to their HQ last year that they were looking into such an app. In the past, the iPhone's lack of support for proper navigation has meant such an extra has been out of the question.

We're chasing this up, so stay tuned for more official word as we get it. And in the meantime, cast your eye over our Top 10 Satnavs.