TomTom and Nike jog together for new SportWatch GPS

Because your New Year resolution to start running can wait until you've bought one more gadget

You’ve promised your body a break from the eat-drink cycle of Christmas and New Year parties. You’ve promised your girlfriend that by the beginning of February you’ll look a little less like the fat one out of, well, anything with a fat one. And now the cold light of January is here, and you’re going to have to act.

We’d like to say the new TomTom-powered Nike+ SportWatch GPS is what you need to motivate you to put on your running shoes. And it would be ideal – it knows who you are, where you are and chivvies you along with motivational triggers, challenges and run reminders like an ever-present personal trainer.

The screen is big enough to read on the jog (with your eyes full of stinging sweat) and will let you know how far you’re flagging off the pace, how little distance you’ve covered and how few calories you’ve burned.

So, Nike’s sporting expertise, married to TomTom’s GPS nous and all packed into really quite a fanciable package – so why isn’t it the ideal New Year fitness companion? It’s not out until April. Although, thinking about it, you could put off your first run till then, couldn’t you? Pass the biscuits…