Tokyoflash sends Kisai Rogue Touch pocket watch back from the future

You mean you've been walking around with a pocketwatch with no touchscreen? Get out

One minute you're sitting around with the gents, chewing the fat about the politics of the day and the next you can't find your monocle amonst all the cigar cases. And you're way too plastered to be able to wind up your watch anyway.

We'd like to think this is the exact scenario the Kisai Rogue Touch pocketwatch from Tokyoflash was built for – but we could be wrong. The Rogue Touch takes Tokyoflash's usual LCD shenanigans and pops them into a rather-more-refined-than-usual stainless steel case and chain.

Actually telling the time with this thing means you'll have to learn the dark arts required of all Tokyoflash owners – but it should become second nature before long. "Second" nature, d'you see what we did there? Oh, please yourselves.

Press one of four hot zones on the touchscreen to choose between time, date, alarm and light up functions. You can set up to two timezones – the outer two dials showing the hours and minutes for the first; the inner two the second.

Okay, we still haven't quite made out the two times shown above. But if this is the antique/futuristic hybrid watch you've been waiting for, you can get your hands on the Kisai Rogue Touch for a intro price of £95 (US$149) until December 10th.

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