Tiny Wings 2 for iPhone release date announced

Tiny Wings lives on! And you can get the sequel on iOS this week if this adorable teaser trailer stays true to its word

Tiny Wings 2 is getting an iPhone release (along with iPod Touch and iPad) this week on July 12th according to the creator of the original Tiny Wings game, Andreas Illinger.

He stuck up a teaser on YouTube for the next Tiny Wings app this weekend and although it won cute points for using a handmade wind-up musical thingymebob in the video, it didn't tell us a whole lot about what's new in this incoming TW game.

New environments to fly over would be the obvious addition but we could even see new mechanics since Rovio did just turn that other famous casual game featuring birds all topsy-turvy in space. We hope Tiny Wings keeps it simple though as that was part of the joy of the original.

So if you're in the market for an update to a five-star perpetual scroller, head to the App Store this Thursday to check out the goods.


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