Tiny Tosh UMPC prototype revealed

Seems some people never learn. After the disaster of the keyboardless Samsung Q1, Toshiba's come up with an even smaller, shinier prototype clone.The

The mini Tosh leaves off the QWERTY keypad that the Samsung Q1 Ultra belatedly added and opts instead for touchcreen text input. Being so small the touch keys take up about two-thirds of the 5.6in display - making it a tad tricky to use.

Incredibly it does manage to pack in Vista and a 64GB solid state drive, as well as Intel's much in demand Atom processor.

Thankfully Toshiba's Mark Whittard has seen its impracticality and admitted to PC Authority that it isn't, "commercially viable," and is in fact, "too small".

He has, though, promised that some sort of premium mobile Internet device will be on the way before long, so watch this space.


Contact: Toshiba