Tiny Blue Tiki USB mic apes intelligent hearing

We never thought we’d see the day we’d call a USB microphone cute. Luckily Blue’s Tiki is also smart

This is the Blue Tiki. It’s not very blue and as for the Tahitian references, the less said, the better. But it is a tiny thing, especially for something capable of capturing CD-quality audio, and it’s got bags of skills.

The Blue Tiki offers the opportunity to record raw sound or switch to intelligent speech mode. That means it can tune in to your voice, cutting out background noise and the clumsy clattering of typing Skypers.

Front and rear mics handle the noise-cancelling duties, while Intelligent Mute deactivates the mic when you’re not talking, springing back into action when it hears the dulcet tones of your dictation again.

Tiny then, but Blue’s Tiki is also mighty.

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