Tim Cook talks Apple TV, Siri and Facebook

The Apple CEO wants Cupertino to become more secretive – but he had plenty to say on the future of iThings at the D10 conference

Tim Cook was dodging questions like you'd dodge a wrench at AllThingsDigital's D10 press conference yesterday but the rumour-hungry journos still managed to squeeze out some promising hints on the future of Siri, Facebook integration and whether Apple is secretly building a HD TV set.

First up, the TV rumours. Cook said Apple TV, which has picked up in sales this year, "is an area of intense interest for us". And we don't know about you but if Apple's getting intense about a device, chances are the rest of the world will too when it sees the light of day.

He wouldn't budge on the question of TV hardware but did leave us with this teasing statement: "Most people would say this is not an area in their life that they're pleased with. And we're going to keep looking at it."

The Apple CEO also defended Siri and promised more features for the iPhone 4S' voice recognition software. Since it could show up in OS X Mountain Lion – not to mention every future Apple gadget – it's good to know Cupertino has "a lot of people working on it." No specifics though, just the assurance that Apple has "a lot that Siri can do."

Then there's Facebook. Snubbed in iOS 5 over easier sharing to Twitter, Apple can't ignore it – Facebook could be buying it's own browser after all. Cook wants "anybody with an iPhone or iPad" to have "the best experience with Facebook on those platforms" and told us to stay tuned for more integration. We wouldn't be surprised if something comes out of WWDC (alongside some shiny new hardware) with talk like that. 

Watch videos of Tim Cook's chat over on AllThingsD for more Apple-related teasing.

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