Tick Dock turns your iPhone into the ultimate bedside accessory

Could it be...? Yep, it's a dock to show off your iPhone's alarm and video skills that we don't want to smash to pieces every morning

If your iPhone has been your only companion in bed for a while, you might be loath to relegate it to the bedside table. But with a brushed stainless steel and anodised aircraft-grade aluminium docking station like the Tick Dock, the transition might be less painful than you thought.

Slot in your iPhone 4 or 4S to charge it overnight and the Tick Dock will handily display alarm clock apps, late night Skype chats and pre-work sitcoms in landscape mode as you recline in bed. If all that sounds like too much concentration, you can always stick a photo of your most wanted gadget on there to ensure sweet dreams and, at 1.6kg, it'll be a solid addition to your row of teddy bears.

Get one from the Tick Dock website now for £140. And it looks like more colours are in the works as the designer is asking customers to vote on their favourite hues.

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