Thursday Tech Tickler – what do you think about the new anti-piracy moves?

Piracy eh? From rum-filled japes on the high seas, to nicking the latest Chas ‘n’ Dave downloads, piracy has long been synonymous with ne&

And an eye-patch and parrot isn’t going to help you disguise your IP address when your ISP comes a-calling.

Yes, the music industry and ISP agreement announced today could mean that illegal downloaders will be issued stern letters of warning. And if you choose not to respond, then you could be made to walk the virtual plank by your current provider. Eeep.

So what do you think about this latest anti-piracy move? Woefully Draconian? A jolly fine idea? Just plain stupid?

Let us know and you could win a lovely howies Spokes and Hopes T-shirt. Yaaar!