Thursday Tech Tickler – answer a question, win a howies tee

It’s that time of the week again gadgeteers. Yep, it’s our Thursday Tech Tickler, where you can win an exclusive limited edition howies T&

This week, we’re asking which ultra–portable laptop you’re after getting your mits on?

Does the MacBook Air, with its world–record slimness and sexy looks still do it for you? Or is the Asus Eee PC 900, with its multitouch keypad and credit crunch–friendly price, your portable PC of choice?

And then there’s the Lenovo Thinkpad X300, crammed with features and pushing Apple’s effort in the superslim stakes.

Let us know which one you’d prefer in this week’s competition and you could win howies’ T–shirt of the week, Banana Board.

Our pals over at howies tell us that if you like bananas, boarding and the Velvet Underground, this one’s for you. Love of just one of those three doesn’t preclude you from entering mind.

So head over to this week’s survey, tell us what you think and we’ll pick one name at random as the winner. Results also coming your way next week.