Three new Qosmios in Toshiba's new laptop dozen

Your new laptop choice just became trickier. Toshiba's announced 12 new additions to its line-up, all sporting Intel's shiny new Centrino 2 processor.

That means more raw power under the lid and endurance-level battery lives as standard, as well as speedier connections for shifting video and audio around wirelessly. Marvellous.

The mainstream will be well catered for with the eight new Satellites and Satellite pros but excuse us if we shift our attention to the Eee and Mini Note-crushing Qosmio gaming rigs.

They each get Tosh's 'Quad Core' HD Processor SpursEngine SE1000 chip in addition to the main processor to make light work of churning through hours of HD video editing or hi-def playback.

The 17in Qosmio X300 (pictured), the 18.4in Qosmio G50 with optional 1080p screen and the more compact 15.4in Qosmio F50 are the ones to look out for.

It that wasn't enough there's also a sweet-looking limited-edition version of the Portégé M800. It comes in a compact 13.3in body dressed in pearl-white with silver accents and white LEDs aplenty. Makes our MacBook look positively tame.