Three is introducing Voice over LTE in September

No longer will you have to rely on Wi-Fi for Internet calls

Three has announced that it will be introducing a new Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service in September as an addition to its Three InTouch service, which lets users make calls and send texts when connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

Three has managed to add an extra 800MHz of spectrum onto its current 1800MHz, which will allow calls to be made over a mobile network. It’s also expected that this extra bandwidth will improve coverage in areas that currently suffer from low signal.

To be able to make calls over LTE you will however need a compatible phone, such as the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6. Most other recent flagships should be compatible. 

Three isn't the only one heading for VoLTE

EE and Vodafone have also announced they’ll be releasing similar services in the summer. O2 hasn't made any comments on a future service, although this could be because it was bought out by Three for £10.25bn.

Three also announced that it plans to introduce Wi-Fi and LTE calls without having to go through a dedicated app, instead, it will be intreated into the phone, which will determine the best network to use to make a call. 

EE already offers this seamless integration for Wi-Fi calling, and Vodafone is planning on introducing the feature in the future too. 

[Source: Engadget]