Three Apple rumours doing the rounds

Not one, not two, but three scintillating bits of hearsay about iPhone 5, iPad 2 and iPod

Rumour 1 – iPad 2

Apparently, Apple’s being asking its shop staff to sign non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreements before meetings. Apparently, there is a Big Meeting to be held next week. Apparently this heralds the arrival of the iPad 2. But, also apparently, it doesn’t. Confusing, eh?

[via AppleInsider]

Rumour 2 – white iPhone 5

Bearing in mind the white iPhone 4 has yet to hit the pockets of anyone who hasn’t had dinner with Steve Jobs, news of an ivoire iPhone 5 are probably exaggerated. Unless of course it only comes in white. Now there’s a rumour we can get behind. Or not.


Rumour 3 – iTunes 24-bit

Just finished converting all your music library into crispy 320Kbps? Bad luck. Word is that Apple and other digital music retailers are looking at bumping file quality up to 24-bit. That’s the fidelity they’re recorded at before being mushed down to 16-bit for CDs and downloadable digital formats. Cool. Unless, you’ve just finished coverting all your music… okay, we’ll shut up now.

[via CNN]