ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty delivers retro charm to iPad and iPhone gaming

Give your iPad and iPhone the retro gaming charm with ThinkGeek's new toy

The retro-tastic iCade range has come a long way since the arcade cabinet started off as an April Fools gag last year, which has since spawned the iCade Jr, iCade Core and iCade Mobile

The latest old-skool gaming accessory from ThinkGeek is the iCade 8-Bitty  a little contraption designed to assist with button bashing during your mobile gaming sessions.

It's also a subtle salute to the much-loved NES joypad

Running off two AAA batteries, the 8-Bitty iOS controller rocks a D-Pad, four buttons and two shoulder triggers and will play nice with the same list of games compatible with the iCade, like those Atari classics.

ThinkGeek's retro gaming accessory will set you back $US25 and will ship internationally, so no one need miss out on its latest toy.

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